Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Philadelphia, Part One

The Philadelphia Rebirthing Center greeted me Wednesday -- my first visit in over two years! Walking into the house, feeling its welcoming energy and seeing my good friends all combined to make me feel grateful, joyful and excited.
Knowing that I was about to begin teaching Patrick Collard's Apprenticeship was both humbling and enlivening. My support team included my co-teacher,Russell Lipensky, and Maureen Malone and Tony Lomastro, the Center managers and wonderful friends.

I enjoyed a full day of quiet time and relaxation on Thursday to gather my thoughts and feelings about teaching this Bodywork and Personal Growth course. Learning and practicing Patrick's techniques and principles have enriched and advanced my life more than I can ever say.

The participants in this course were awesome! They came from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions, ranging from bodyworkers and yoga teachers to artists and entrepreneurs, to teachers and business professionals. Each person brought a unique perspective and energy into the group, and all were united in their willingness to learn, share experiences and be fully present.
A significant part of the course is learning to develop intuition, that is, learning to use the right side of the brain to support the left side, instead of competing with it. We humans have such a wealth of abilities available to us when we learn to direct our minds in new ways. When the left and right sides of the brain learn to function together in harmony, we can move towards "whole brain" function, a state in which we acknowledge our unlimited potential and create what we desire in our lives effortlessly. Instead of being "goal-driven," we focus instead on successive "accomplishments," milestones on an infinite road of possibilities.

The second weekend of this six-day course begins Friday, October 2nd. More pics and info to come!

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