Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Creative Thought: Basics

The fundamental concept behind everything I believe and teach is: Thought is Creative. It is the single truth that all results follow. What I think, I create. What I focus on expands. I am the thinker, therefore I am in control. I have to be aware of my thoughts and take responsibility for them. 

This goes for both conscious and unconscious thoughts. If I understand that thought is creative, then I understand that my positive thoughts create positive results, and negative thoughts create negative results. "OK," you say, "but how can I control unconscious thoughts?" That's when you have to look to your results for answers. 

Results are the effect of thought, which is the cause. Show me your result, and I'll show you the thought that created it. Therefore, finding the unconscious thought that created a result is fairly straightforward. What if your result is the direct opposite of what you know your conscious thoughts to be? Then either your unconscious thoughts are more numerous (and therefore stronger) or your conscious thoughts are not as positive as you think.

I said above that what you focus on expands. Too often, people who are trying to create a positive result have a negative outcome because they are focusing on the wrong thing. For example, you are unemployed and want a job. Your "positive thoughts" might go something like this:

I really want a job
I want the perfect job
I am searching hard for my perfect job
I want a job that will pay me $100,000 per year
I don't want to work at McDonald's
I no longer accept crappy jobs
My perfect job is waiting for me

The result of these "positive thoughts" is that you will continue to want a job, search for a job and want good money. Your perfect job is still waiting ... and waiting. You will continue not working at McDonald's and not having a crappy job. You are focusing on the wrong things. You might try:

My perfect job comes to me now
My perfect job comes to me easily and quickly
I now receive a job that pays me $100,000 per year
Acme Widgets now offers me the perfect job and I accept gratefully

However, this is only part of the equation. The other part is your "response column," the little voice that pipes up as you affirm your positive thoughts. "My perfect job comes to me now" might be answered in the back of your mind by the thought, "I don't really deserve it." When this happens, take action to expose these thoughts to the light of day. Write down each and every "response" that your mind drags up as you put your positive thoughts in place. By getting the responses down on paper you can deal with them in present time and see them for what they really are -- past references dressed up as the truth and served to you by the part of your mind that is afraid of change.

Results always tell the truth. If you don't like your results, change your thoughts. It's that simple.

Did I say simple? Yes, simple ... but not easy.

Think of all the years of practice you have had at creating poor results. Overcoming the habit will take some doing but, like all habits, it can be replaced with a healthier practice that you can be proud of.

This is the first in a series of Tuesday posts in which I will present case studies and other lessons to help highlight some of the techniques that I write about. Fridays will be devoted to ongoing information to help you get the most out of Living in the New Age.

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