Friday, July 31, 2009

Patrick Collard

I slept and dreamed that life was joy.
I awoke and saw that life was service.
I acted and behold, service was joy.
     -- Rabindranath Tagore

On Wednesday morning I received news that Patrick Collard had passed away. Patrick came into my life in August of 1995. I was in Philadelphia attending Patrick's "apprenticeship program," a 10-day personal growth and bodywork seminar. I had enrolled in this program purely on faith, never having met Patrick or even heard of him.

I stepped into the hotel elevator, already occupied by a single man in an Armani suit and shiny black cowboy boots. He acknowledged me with a nod and later, as I sat in the seminar room waiting for the day's activity to begin, the same man strode to the front of the room and began to speak. I had just met Patrick Collard.

On the first day of the apprenticeship I was a massage therapist firmly rooted in the "real world" and sure of all my scientific knowledge about the human body. On the last day, I was still human, but everything else about me had changed. I had just spent ten days hearing the truth for the first time in my life, and I felt as new and powerful as as the earth's first sunrise.

What was the big deal? What did I learn in ten days that could make such a difference in my life? The better question is "what did I unlearn?"

I discovered that I am not a self-contained, finite individual, but rather a precious part of a shining whole, connected to others with every breath I take, and that true knowledge is every moment of present time. I learned that even though I have assigned the function of seeing to my eyes, true sight is trusting myself and surrendering to my unlimited nature. I found that power and strength are sometimes opposites, and that what I am made of, and what I am, are two different things. Most of all I learned that I am, in Patrick's words, "doomed to perfection."

Fourteen years as Patrick's student provided me with tools that released me from the past, encouraged me to embrace my essence as a strong female authority figure and taught me the power of receiving. Patrick supported me in all I did and respected me enough to invite me as a co-teacher for some of his bodywork seminars. Those opportunities to teach with Patrick will remain in my memory as some of my life's highlights.

Patrick touched tens of thousands of lives through his music, writings, seminars and private sessions. In his presence I experienced some of the greatest moments of my life. He gave me my vocation and, by extension, my happiness. Patrick Collard was my teacher, my mentor and my friend. I will miss him forever.


  1. Dear Robin,

    We were at Patrick's training together in 1995!

    I am so happy to read your blog, and so sad that Patrick is gone. Yet, I know beyond anything in my emotions, that he has moved into Spirit for a greater cause.

    His teachings have touched me in so many ways. I was also transformed deeply in Philadelpia.

    My first experience was a private session in Los Angeles, followed by a 3 day training on Las Vegas. At the end of Las Vegas, I knew I needed to be released from a relationship that was over, and knew I needed to experience the Collard Method of BodyWork for my benefit, and to help many others. I have done that over the many years now.

    Blessings to you on your path,

    Terri Newlon

  2. Hi Robin, Edith Mastroianni here. First let me mention how much I love your pic. Your pic is so beautiful.

    Of course I discovered your blog when you shared with the Collard Group and I posted your link on my Facebook.

    When I read your first blog I was delighted that I gained a deeper understanding for Patrick's teachings.

    You put it all together in one simple understandable whole. I was able to see and feel and absorb all you wrote and was able to use my deeper awareness right away!

    We both know he is smiling!

  3. Hello Robin, first I want to thank you for placing your blog up. We have never met, and I just recently found out that Patrick had passed away. I am shocked and have wept deeply in finding out he has passed.

    My name was once Robin also! I had it legally changed about 8 months ago.

    I meet Patrick around 1990 maybe earlier and I worked with Patrick for about 11 years it may be more I am not great with time lines.

    Patrick touched my life in ways I cannot explain nor express except to say that the man shined. And more so was willing to help others shine in there own right.

    I had not seen nor spoken to Patrick in about 5 years. Yet I would think about him often wanting to call him or email him to connect.

    In finding out about Patrick's death all I can say is I will miss him terribly. And it teaches me once again that living is so precious and to take my time to make sure those around me know that I love and apprieciate them. Also to make sure there is very little unfinished business in my life.

    To make sure I call or email someone when I get that push, to say I love you, Thank You, I am sorry, can we talk? Etc.

    So Patrick, Can we Talk? :). Thank You for helping me come into my female.

    Thank you for our first session when you did not know what I did for a living and wanted to know, " Why the hell the room was filling up with spirit."

    Thank You for continuously putting my bones back into place, helping me have all hell break loose and clear the garbage.

    Thank you for pulling my wings out again and again. And reminding me that I was not alone and did not have to do it myself or be afraid of intimacy.

    My heartfelt thoughts and thanks always. Many Blessings Patrick. I Love You.

    Thank You Patrick, I Love You, God Speed!! Nameste' Amaya Victoria A.K.A. ( Robin A. Velez.)

  4. So... uhmm. Kinda awkward for me, and I doubt there'll be a response to this any time soon. But I had just remembered recently about Patrick passing away. I apparently am his nephew, as my father is John Paul. So anyway, I have been doing a genealogy project to trace back my family history, and I had remembered about Patrick. Unfortunately, I don't have any more leads for their side of the family after Patrick's mother. So if anyone might be able to help me out, send an email to

    Yeah, Random, I know.

    1. Nathaniel i remember you when you were a little boy, i am Patricks only child Shawna. please contact me!

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  7. Ummm,,, this is so hard for me as I just today found out about my beautiful Patrick passing away. How could I have not known? Why didn't I get that email that was supposedly sent out. I loved, adored, admired and cherished Patrick deeply. To say I will miss him in this lifetime is a great understatement. I am so sad right now. I know that I can contact him on the other side and he will come but somehow it just isn't the same. To see his face, hear his voice, watch that wicked little laugh dance on his lips and those warm hugs to comfort and the deep love & friendship he offered. That is what I will miss most. Always being able to smell him for days after seeing him. I love you Patrick and my soul searches for you. Thanks for all of the years/decades of being such an incredible friend, mentor, guide & teacher. I feel so blessed to have known you for this brief moment in this life time..... and just FYI.... my door is open and I am waiting to talk. xoxox, Skye

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  9. I Just found out and can not get over the shock...not wanting to believe that none of us will ever get the hug, the wink, the smell, the laugh, and the out of this world appeasing and elevating touch. I used to call him the coyote for I once heard him howl during a session. I hope he is running with his tribe, his family out in the open space.
    Thank you.

  10. I had just been looking through some old photographs. When I came across some of Patrick, myself, and a group of teachers playing in a hot spring in New-Zealand. And today I decided that after twenty years it was time to reconnect. I tapped out his name, and what I read I shocked me, I just could not believe, what I was reading. I have spent time with his beautiful soul in many countries around the world. I have cried with joy on his Body Magic courses, I have taken private sessions with him, and today I wept because I have lost a true friend, that wanted nothing from me, but was always willing to give. We have not seen each other for some twenty years now, but I can still remember his hug, his smile, and his generous way of being. The countless hours, both as teachers and in private, that we have spent together will for always remain in my heart. Thank you Patrick for everything. JAMES.

  11. Such a loving, tender, generous man, so easy to be with, such a sense of fun. I went for a first session with him some 20 years ago, grieving for my father, spending almost my last ££s, and at the end of a wonderful, deeply nourishing hour he invited me as a guest to his Body Magic workshop in London. Can't put into words what that meant to me..., a blessing from God, a really big heart, and some true brotherly love when I needed it most. So glad I knew you, and thank you for just being. Love, John.

    (And I am wondering if 'James' who posted above me is the James Bonser I also knew from Fircliff around that time?)

  12. Which date does Patrick past away in 2009 and of what?

    I have been on his semenares severel times in Sweden.
    I just accidently went in to this webb.

    It's a big loss for his family and those who was together with him.

    He was a fine man and did a excelent job, when he was walking on Mother Earth


  13. This is not going to be politically correct. I didn't know he was dead, but I'm glad to hear that his evil caught up with him. And what he did to me was evil. Don't bother responding because I won't be looking at this web page again.You may have all been deluded, but Patrick Collard was capable of great evil for money. What he did to me caused great harm. I know it was him. Thank God he can't harm anyone else. It's sad that you all can't see that he just took your money and manipulated you with lies...he was a spiritual fraud. Period. If you want the truth, look to Amma and Parmahansa Yogananda.

    1. SHAWNA NICOLE COLLARDJune 3, 2014 at 6:20 PM

      spritual FRAUD? he traveled the WORLD to help people understand true greatness/love/light/enlightenment. MR. ANNONYMOUS you are a coward. I hope you find peace and enlightenment, peace like my Father taught and gave FREELY as much as he could, and spread love to all those he came into contact. He devoted his LIFE to enlightening and healing the world, and he was a FATHER how would there be a more effiecient and logical way to be able to teach greatness for mankind, AND simultaneously provide for his child Until then, (and i mean this with the upmost enlightenment, Go Fly A Kite, ya ignorant a$$hole ;;)

    2. Shawna,I met your father right after you were ,he was so proud he could not contain his joy!He was talking about how awesome your water birth was Each time I had an appointment with him he first bragged about you.Patrick helped me,my husband and son so much we all loved him,the world was a better place because of Patrick, I have had many dreams of him and he has always given me a helpfil message.I feel soory for anyone as miserable asannonymous,I doubt he even met Patrick,if he had he wouldn't say bad things about him.Blessings to you,Ludie Quinn,Las Vegas,Nv.

  14. "Evil" is a very strong word. I don't know that I've heard it used by someone who claimed to know the "truth." In fact, no one on the path to enlightenment would claim to know the truth. I worked with Patrick for a decade or more, all in private sessions. Some sessions were better than others, that's the nature of body work, but there was some benefit I gained from all of them. Overall, I came away from my work with Patrick with a realization about my body and my life that I might not have arrived at otherwise. This was not a doctrine Patrick taught me but something I came to know from the connections that were formed between our bodies and our spirits. Patrick did not always take my money, and he often gave me things (tapes, information, connections) without me asking. I'm not sure what brought me to this site, today. Perhaps it was to not let that last post go without a comment. You say you won't return to this page, but if you do, I hope you find your path and that your journey takes you where you want to go.

  15. lol.Ammachi talks about evil and she claims to know the truth. Are you questioning her? Are you questioning Yogananda? Jesus? Buddha?You know more? Really? And if you live in this world and can't acknowledge evil you are out of reality. There is negativity in this world. And there are people who think they're doing good who are so confused that they don't know that they aren't. False spiritual teachers abound. Read you bible. Accept or don't, it doesn't matter. Personally, I never meet this guy. Friends had sessions with him, but I didn't like his energy. If the previous person is right, the law of karma will handle it.

  16. ato anonymous from the above comment on July 28th. I thought you were not going to look at this blog again? Hmmmmm......??????

    All I can say is that for over five years Patrick Collard gifted every session I had with him. And I had seen him for many years before and paid his fee with out question or hesitation. I did not ask him for a discount nor a refund nor a free session

    At on of my sessions Patrick looked down at me and said " Since you need to be in your female and know that a male can give to you in ways that are not sexual and he will not violate you. Since you need to know how to recieve, every session from now on is gratis."

    And so for about 5 years everytime Patrick came into town I had a session with him. On his dime, for I am sure he had to pay Tony for his space at the center.

    Perhaps it is true he was evil, welp, I never saw any of this. And, I tell you I myself am one hell of a healer and channel and I can see taste smell and know darkness a mile away.

  17. Patricks energy was clean period.

  18. My times with Patrick changed my life. He was hilarious and joyful, kind and compassionate.I don't know how he passed but as late as it is, if his family has access to this, I'd like to express my condolences. Patrick if you hear me know that I shall never ever forget you and I will always be thankful for what you gave to me.

  19. I would like to add the perspective of a one-time client/patient of Patrick's; I did not study with him and certainly didn't know him as well as many who have posted here.

    My story is that I had severe shoulder pain, apparently from several herniated discs in my neck (seen on MRI), with pain radiating down my left arm. I had been to 4 chiropractors, 6 weeks of P/T, acupuncture, and massage therapists. Everything worked -- for about 1.5 days, then the pain would return.

    One day my wife told me about some guy named "Patrick" who was from California but flew into Philly periodically to see/treat people at the Phila. Rebirthing Center. I had no other knowledge about him than that, but since everything else had failed, I said 'what the heck' and went to see him. (My pain was so bad at the time that I got a speeding ticket while rushing to the appointment.)

    Patrick talked with me for awhile, had me lay on my back on a table, reached deep into my scapular area and held a spot for awhile until, with satisfaction, he said that he felt 'the release' he was waiting for. (I didn't feel anything, but if he did, okay.) He told me that it was as though someone had left a light switch on in my body and he just walked across the room to turn it off. That's all.

    I stood up from the table and, for the first time in months, was free of pain by about 80%. I was quite amazed. I asked him when I needed to see him again for a follow-up visit and he said I didn't need to see him again at all. ("I just shut the switch off; why would I need to shut it off again?") I walked out of the building feeling surprisingly taller and, most importantly, largely free of pain. Now my question, of course, was whether it would only last 1.5 days, like everything else I had tried. Guess what? That one treatment lasted for over FOUR YEARS! I was astonished (and still am).

    I don't know what Patrick did, or how it worked, but I do know THAT it worked for me, amazingly well, and that he certainly didn't take advantage of me as he didn't even try to have me come back for additional treatments.

    I was very sorry to learn of his passing a few years ago but am glad to have found this blog where I can express my belated condolences to those who knew and loved him well.


  20. Raven Woman

    Patrick Collard I saw you on dream time this morning, and as you walked me to a car you wrapped your arm around me and you said, "I'll be with you always", now go back not time for you to come here yet. My how time flys, like the others here u imprinted your being in my life and sorry I was not ready for you at the time you were ready for me. My body misses your hugs, my ears your voice, my soul misses your soul......i shall go in my sleep as you

    PS glad you remembered my telling you of your coyote medicine as I see someone left a commment about you howling Pa Trick trickester you were hahahahha love you miss you good to see you again love.

  21. I am eternally grateful for attending a Body Magic workshop with Patrick and Don McFarland in Stockholm in 1989....for me Patrick was a man with so much love and compassion - a true healer in the best sense of the word, actually one of the very few authentic healers I have ever met...

    Andiran, Norway

  22. I only recently heard of Patrick's death after an impulse to find out what he was doing brought me to this blog. Initially I was deeply shocked and sad, until I realized that he had probably done what he came here to do and was happily moving on to new experiences as a free soul.
    I was on several of Patrick's Body Magic etc. courses in the 90's (Bornholm here in Denmark, London, Egypt, New Mexico etc.) and have so many fond memories of a unique healer with a wicked sense of humour and GREAT love and compassion. Also had several healing sessions with him that cleared emotional and physical tension (like a bolt of lightning). I will always be grateful for those times with you, Patrick, and look forward to meeting you again whenever and wherever..........Bless you, Angel.

    Patricia, Denmark

  23. Dear Patrick, I do not know what drew me to your site here again suddenly this evening.

    I still miss you, and think of you often. If you could Patrick, would you send me some of your mojo, so I can have clarity over a situation in my life that is draining me?

    I really did not stop by for this above reason, that just popped out of my mouth. Anyway, Patrick, thank you, thank you and thank you for all that you did for and with me. For eternity I am deeply grateful. See you soon, on the other side. Much Love, Amaya Victoria

  24. I met Patrick years ago at Chippendale's bookstore in Easton, Pa. It was a short friendship that lasted about 4 or 5 years, we move on in our lives and lose touch. He truly was an amazing man. He gave he his own personal picture of Babaji and added energy to it. I wish I had it now, he touched me and my life in so many beautiful ways. Do I think he was money hungry, aren't we all, a little bit, but do not degrade his main purpose which was to serve and to help and to bring light. Patrick Collard will always have a big place in my heart. Because of him I am the Reiki Master, Spiritual Response Therapist and thank him with all my heart and soul, forever. Patrick I know you live on and will hear you when you speak. Blessings James Hart

  25. Patrick Collard was my Father. I am so happy to read all these things... they are so wonderful and true. I love you Dad! I came from you, i Am of you, and I Live like you. Thankyou for all your otherworldly wonders, your healing ways, your love for music, your ability to shine so much light and love. You've taught me, I've taught you ;) i miss you tremendously more than any single person can understand. love you little coyotee, your one and only ~Shawna Bug (Collard) ;)

  26. I was so sorry to hear about Patrick's passing away but so glad to see Shawna's post. I only spent a few days with Patrick in London many years ago but I will never forget him. He really set me going on a path and I loved the insightful and funny genius he was. He touched so many lives. it must be very hard for you to be without him Shawna but I wish you all the very best in the world. We need more people like your dad. The sad thing is that it is very difficult to find good information about him on the web - there seem to be very few videos etc of him out there. It would be wonderful to see more of him.

  27. I was a part of Patrick's extended family for a time. It was a freeing experience being around him because you had no choice but to be yourself... he could see right through you if you were lying. He thought about things on a different level and improved my perspective on interactions with others. He was one of the most genuine people I have ever met, even if the context of the conversation was negative. That is a quality in a person that is so rare these days, and is something I always respected about him. I miss him dearly and will never forget what I learned from him.

  28. today I am missing Patrick again,I think about him often and have had many dreams about him he sure was a blessing to me and my family we have many Patrick stories,love you Patrick!